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Thrangu Tara Abbey
- a nunnery for Buddhist nuns

Thrangu Tara Abbey - December 2003

Thrangu Tara Abbey is a monastery that was established for Buddhist nuns by Thrangu Rinpoche. It is located in Swayambunath on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Swayambunath is a very special spiritual place named after the famous Swayambu Stupa. There are many monasteries, temples and a large community of Tibetans and other Himalayan people in this area.

In 1991, the first group of 17 nuns arrived from the province of Manang in Nepal near the Tibetan border. The nuns were affiliated with Thrangu Rinpoche. The head nuns, Ani Tsomo and Ani Karma Drolma are the sisters of one of Rinpoche’s main lamas, Lama Aju. Their ancestors were founders and keepers of the Buddhist tradition in Manang since ancient times. Most of the nuns come from the northern areas of Nepal but there are also many from Tibet, India and Bhutan. Sometimes nuns from Asian countries and the west come to stay at the Abbey. Tara Abbey now has more than 230 nuns.

Ten nuns have completed their studies of traditional Tibetan medicine with a doctor who was trained under the famous Shakar Rinpoche (known as Shakar Amji) who passed away several years ago. They are now holding medical clinics at the abbey and also make traditional Tibetan medicine and incense. The medical nuns make very special incense, the main ingredient from precious trees growing in the mountains around Tsurphu Monastery.

Your purchase of the incense made by the nuns of the Thrangu Tara Abbey helps to support the education and day to day needs of all the nuns in the abbey.

Thrangu Tara Abbey  handmade incense

This special incense is made from trees which grow in the mountains around Tsurphu Monastery in Tibet after His Holiness, the third Karmapa Ranjung Dorje blessed the barren hills with his hair. The trees that rose there are widely known in Tibet as being beneficial for purifying disturbing obstacles, expelling evil spirits and bringing good fortune.

Short box contains approximately 38, 6" sticks.
Long box (shown) contains approximately 44, 8" sticks.

This is truly phenomenal Tibetan incense! Highly recommended!!
Thrangu Tara Abbey - short box
Thrangu Tara Abbey - long box (shown)
Nuns of Thrangu Tara Abbey

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