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Incense from:

- Art Lab Co.
- Baieido
- Baikundo
- Daihatsu
- Gyokushodo
- Keigado
- Kikujudo
- Koh-shi
- Kunjudo
- Kunmeido
- Kyukyodo
- Les Encens
du Monde
- Minorien
- Nihon Senko Seizo
- Nippon Kodo
- Saraike Kunbutsado
Scents of Japan
- Seijudo
- Seikado
- Shochikudo
- Shorindo
- Shoyeido
- Shunkohdo
- Tahodo
- Tennendo

- Various Japanese
- Aloeswood
- Rikkoku Set
- Scented Mountain
- Sandalwood
- Chipped Mixtures

Kodo Accessories
- Charcoal
- Ash
- Makko
- Laha and Dar
- Kodo Utensils
- Kodo Information

- Body Incense
- Kneaded Incense

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- Atmosphere
- Blue Pearl
- Happy Hari
- Mother's Fragrance
- myInsens
- Nandita
- Nitiraj
NEW! Prabhuji
- Pure-Incense
- Purelands
- Ramakrishnananda
- Shanthimalai
- Satya
- Shrinivas
- Shroff
- Triloka

- Various Incenses
- Body Incense

Tibet, Nepal and
- Amitayush
- Essence of
the Ages™
- Bhim Lama
- Bonpo Tsang
- Boudha Tibetan
- Buddha Dhoop
- Chandra Devi
- Doma Herbal
- Gangchen
- Himalayan Herbal

Kuenzang Chodtin
Lucky Incense
- Menjong Sorig

- Nado Poizokhang
- Sagarmatha
- Stupa Dhoop
- The Dhoop Factory
- TDHF Incense
- Tsarong Enterprises
- Yarlung
- World Peace

- Drepung Loseling
- Dzogchen Monastery
Dzongsar Monastery
- Ganden Monastery
- Highland
- Ka-Nying Shedrub
Ling Monastery
- Keydong Nunnery
Khachoe Ghakyil
Ling Nunnery
Labrang Monastery
- Lekshey Ling
- LungTa
- Medicine King
- Menri Monastery
- Men-Tsee-Khang
- Mindroling
- Nub Gon Monastery
- Samye Monastery
- Shechen Monastery
- Tashi Lhunpo
- Tengboche
- Tibetan Medical
- Thrangu Tara Abbey
- Tun Bo Ancient
- Zongkar Choede

- Various Bhutanese
- Various Nepali
- Dhoop
- Cone
- Powder
- Rope

for incense making
direct from Nepal

- Incense Making

TDHF Incenses
- TDHF The Direct
Help Foundation

NEW! TDHF Incense
- Maya Devi
NEW! Bhim Lama
- Norbu's

Slideshow Gallery
- Incense
- Kumary House
- Kalam Revolution
- The Children #1
- The Children #2



- Fred Soll
- Incienso
- Juniper Ridge
- Mermade Magickal
- Nu Essence

- How to Make

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Welcome to Essence of the Ages -
...incense from around the world...

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- Simply gorgeous! -

Nag Champa GOLD!

NEW!!The potters at Shoyeido have been working overtime on these beauties! Made of ceramic, these bowls are 4" wide and 3" tall. They are the traditional 3 legged Japanese burners. Simply add a bag of rice chaff ash, place your incense stick upright in the ash, light it, and you are on your way to utter contentment.

These breath-taking colors are also available in a wheel shaped burner that is 4" in diameter.


Pure-IncenseIncredible Indian incense, hand rolled with 100% natural ingredients. Made by a family in India, these recipes have been handed down for generations. Each incense has a base of charcoal, vanilla powder and sandalwood powder. High quality ingredients makes for high quality incense.

NEW!!This month we add 8 new blends
to this fabulous Pure-Incense
line of incenses!

Frankincense and Myrrh
Pavitra Gokula
Pavitra Radha
Pavitra Rasa
Pavitra Vrindavana
Vintage Assam Agarwood
Vintage Cambodian Agarwood
- formerly Ramakrishnananda
Prabhuji's Gifts, formerly named Ramakrishnananda, has been known for its Devotional Incense line for years. Last year they came out with their highly acclaimed Charka Incense line. And now, they have come out with 2 new lines of incense.

We are proud to carry the Meditation Line and the Harmony Line. All of the incenses continue to be hand made, and hand rolled, using only the highest quality ingredients. Why not join our countless customers who enjoy these incenses everyday. Wonderfully fragrant and highly affordable!
Tengboche Offering IncenseTENGBOCHE OFFERING INCENSE: Riwo Sangcho Incense, an auspicious and pure offering of aromatic woods, incense and medicinal flowers with trace elements of three white and sweet delicacies and many other precious materials. Purified with sanctified saffron water, this incense is specially made for "Sangcho' cleansing smoke offerings to dispel obstacles and create perfect auspicious circumstances.

Lekshey L:ing Black Veil IncenseBLACK VEIL: This handmade incense contains black agur (black myrobalan) juniper, clove, gokul dhoop, sugandhaval, and spikenard.

This incense is manufactured in accordance with the Buddhist methodical text for incense preparation, It is hand made and consists entirely of natural Himalayan herbs. No added toxins or colors. 100% natural.

The Dhoop Factory Ganden IncenseGANDEN: This is made principally from a sage-like herb gathered near the Ganden Monastery, 30Km outside Lhasa, Tibet. It has a slightly bitter aroma with a hint of mint. Its medicinal properties are described by the Physician to H.H. the Dalai Lama as being an effective remedy for colds and flu and to purify polluted atmosphere. Effective for freshening homes and offices and eliminating domestic smells, cigarette smoke etc. This herb is burnt by Tibetans both indoors and out for ritual purification. Bhutanese fabric covered box.
Vietnamese Aloeswood IncenseVIETNAMESE ALOESWOOD INCENSE STICKS: "Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I was asked by Beth to look at some Vietnamese sticks that she was planning on carrying in the near future, but admit I was pleasantly surprised by what arrived. 

The first thing to strike me was that it was incredibly thin for a 10" long stick, think Kyukyodo Azusa here or perhaps Flying Fairy, although I believe this is even thinner. 

Maybe a bad sign, could be that they used a lot of binder to hold it together, but once the stick is burning, this fear is dispelled, as no sign of binder is discernible, so the thinness must be produced by one very nice hydraulic press.

As for the smell of the wood itself, well, that really was an unexpected surprise.  Most of the "pure" wood sticks produced these days come from plantation trees that are force inoculated at 6-7 years of age, harvested soon after, and therefore don't develop the true, deep nature that a good agarwood should have.  This stick, on the other hand, tends to remind one of the sticks that you used to be able to buy out of Cambodia and parts of Vietnam many years ago, with a deep and luscious resin smell.  I would say that this is one of the best Vietnamese sticks currently on the market, and certainly the only one of this length to present the purity of the wood in such a fine manner!

I could see lighting a couple of these up for a meditative session.  Describing the smell of the wood itself is the hardest, for me it is easy to say, it smells like Cambodian, but then I realize that many people haven't smelled a good Cambodian wood before. Think maybe Scented Mountain with a very deep back note, not the spiciness of Hakusui of old, or the overt sweetness of Ogurayama.  Anyhow, it was an incense I really enjoyed reviewing, as it is good to see a quality product enter the field.
Review by Gregg King - Olfactory Rescue Service

Gorgeous rosewood tube contains approximately 120, 10" sticks.



120, 10 "sticks
in Rosewood tube


Sample - 12, 10 " sticks
in plastic tube


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We're pleased to introduce you to the Olfactory Rescue Service, formerly Mike's Prattle. The Olfactory Rescue Service (ORS) exists to review and discuss the world of retail incense in order to help bridge the gap between East and West in terms of understanding incense and helping the reader find higher quality scents, sources for these scents and to connect with others passionate about fine scent. Written in a highly understandable language, Mike, Ross and Nancy help bring the world of incense to your door, one scent at a time.

While ORS cooperates with all reputable incense companies (several of which send samples for their review), it currently remains a third party resource and only claims bias in favor of excellent service, fair pricing and the constructive.

After reading what Mike, Ross, Gregg and Marian have to say, come back to Essence of the Ages for all your incense wants and NEEDS!! We carry 99.99% of all incense they review!

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